Using Krita and My paint

I did this digital painting with two painting programs, My Paint and Krita. I like digital painting because you can save the drawing/painting at any stage and improve on it.

I am finding that as my skills improve, I can go back over my saved drawings and apply them again.

I did not use layers, I saved the painting at different points and worked on it from there. I have a heavy hand and tend to use thick dark strokes, at the same time I love a soft pastel look. It is fun to play and experiment with both.


I like writing drawing, painting, affirmations as cartoons, or comics. During the process I am reading them over and over. This is really good for my health.

I think it brings in new thoughts and flushes out old ones.

The cartoon was created by scanning the original artwork into Gimp.The the scanned drawing is colored by using Krita. Fine tuning and turning it into a cartoon was accomplished with Photoshop Elements. I am using an older version 7.

I like to add collage pieces from doodles and sketches.

Mermaid Collage

Starting as usual to make a paper-doll, my muse took over, and the result is this collage.

wrenrose mermaid collage

The sketching/inking is done with a calligraphy marker and embellished with colorful papers and colored pencil.

Playing with Inkscape

I am currently reading The Book of Inkscape by Dmitry Kirsanov. Currently experimenting with gradients. This image was created by tracing outlines from my paper-doll drawings and filling them with gradients.

wrenrose digital by elaine jackson

The book is very comprehensive and explains well. I find it works with my style and allows me to be really creative while learning.

Kraft paper boxes

Making boxes from kraft paper is so much fun.

Print making + mixed media

Print making and mixed media:Simple techniques and projects for mixed media and fabric

What I liked about this book, is the way it makes several printing techniques accessible. I was able to start right away and the first one I chose to experiment with was Collagraphy

The supplies were easy enough to get and many I had on hand.
(photo of supplies)
The one thing I did not have was the ink. I chose Versatex Screen Printing Ink because I planned to do paper and fabric and the kit with an assortment of colors was under 20.00.

First I created a plate using cardboard and file folders
Then I inked then up rolling the ink with a brayer and applying it to the plate.

My results varied until I got the hang of how much ink to roll on and how much pressure needed to be applied.

I like the way the letters stand out and the way it enhances simple designs.
The one on the left was done on a lightweight bristol vellum, and the one on the right was done on textured resume paper.

The ink dries fast so soon after I was able to color with chalk. Next steps: I want to try a more complex design and then try printing it on fabric.

Last week of BIG

Here are some of the paintings I did in the BIG class, I completed 26 paintings. I felt a surge of joy that I haven't felt in a long time. I was hoping this class would be a catalyst I was hoping it would help me to open up to some of my dreams and goals and I have to say that it did. The class lived up to its promises.

These are large paintings about 24 x 30 (exact size to be inserted later)
I will post more in various spots, on my blog, on Flickr.

I think for a long time the biggest painting I have ever completed has been 15 x 20, and I've only done one and that was many years ago. Most of the work I do is small, like shrink plastic and paper dolls.

I was worried I wouldn't have anything to paint. not with Connie as a teacher. The paitnings just came pouring out of me.

I haven't even done my super big painting yet. I have to make room for it.


I am taking a class with CONNIE HOZVICKA. Words cannot describe her energy. To be in her class is like flying.

I am finally overcoming my fear of the blank page. I do a lot of paintings, and art and projects, but I have always had a kind of stage fright when it comes to the blank page. it is very difficult for me to start. I procrastinate, I eat, I avoid, I stare blankly, I quickly find something else to do.

This class has been so healing for me. I have done approximately 22 paintings, and the ideas and creative energy is just pouring through me. I haven't felt this excited about my work in a long time.

Calligraphy papers

I love writing with calligraphy markers, so I thought I would show a little of my process. I take white construction paper in the larger size and a black zig calligraphy marker and write and doodle mostly favorite words and shapes that just flow from the pen.

I do a light acrylic wash of color over the letters, it clouds them a little. Then I take a black Sharpie and sharpen the lines of the words. I embellish the shapes and spaces around them with colored pencils.

More finished papers:

Paper mache dolls

Here are some experiments I have been doing in paper mache. No patterns for these. First I cut out the cardboard shape. I covered them with paper mache strips. Then they were sanded and painted.

Then I added colorful detail. This is a work in progress. The details are in white pen and the color is soft pastels.