Print making + mixed media

Print making and mixed media:Simple techniques and projects for mixed media and fabric

What I liked about this book, is the way it makes several printing techniques accessible. I was able to start right away and the first one I chose to experiment with was Collagraphy

The supplies were easy enough to get and many I had on hand.
(photo of supplies)
The one thing I did not have was the ink. I chose Versatex Screen Printing Ink because I planned to do paper and fabric and the kit with an assortment of colors was under 20.00.

First I created a plate using cardboard and file folders
Then I inked then up rolling the ink with a brayer and applying it to the plate.

My results varied until I got the hang of how much ink to roll on and how much pressure needed to be applied.

I like the way the letters stand out and the way it enhances simple designs.
The one on the left was done on a lightweight bristol vellum, and the one on the right was done on textured resume paper.

The ink dries fast so soon after I was able to color with chalk. Next steps: I want to try a more complex design and then try printing it on fabric.

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Morag Archer said...

Hi Elaine, enjoyed reading your post, I was thinking of buying this book as I want to learn more about collagraph your collage creations, so colourful. Think we share a love of the mystical as well!